[title goes here]

Para. 1: [a brief introduction. share with your readers what happened over the weekend, how it made you feel. tell your readers how you feel now, and how that feeling is not similar to the former. yeah, yeah..she makes you happy, she lets you down. rinse, and repeat.]

Para. 2: [rant about your love life. rant about the same girl as per previous similar posts. tell your readers about this latest screw over. but (spoiler alert!) it’s the same old story. express your feelings in a calm manner. come on, who are we kidding? cuss all you want, brah!]

Para. 3: [try to defend your stubbornness, not giving up on this girl. liken the girl to a chipsmore cookie, to give the readers a hint of what the girl is like in your life. explain to your readers, you tried to forget this girl (like cutting off all forms of communication), but she would always pop up into your life (just when you’re getting comfortable). remind the readers how she made you feel when she’s around. how she made you think she’s opening her heart for you. she keeps deceiving you!]

Para. 4: [tell your readers this cycle is going to repeat itself many times. how you don’t know how or when it’s going to end. oh it has to end!]

About nik anas

Sagittarian Engineer
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4 Responses to [title goes here]

  1. faruqy says:

    hahaha very creative way of telling all about your love life (or lack of) bro!

  2. nik anas says:

    it’s not lacking if it’s non existent.

  3. aishah says:

    sabo je la… 😉

  4. nik anas says:

    alah bisa tegal biasa.

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