sabun di bilik mandi

have i been in relationships before? yes i have. how did it go? well, i’m here. being in a relationship with the wrong person will drain you, sapping the life out of you. i had the unfortunate luck of finding the wrong one. actually she found me first. not here, but yes, online. she’s a virgo who over thinks every single thing. i would elaborate, but for the sake of keeping this not too long, let’s just say she’s judgmental. very very judgmental. she claimed to love me, but all she did was make me suffocate; she managed to turn me off the more she showed her true self. she claimed to be strong, but that’s not what i saw. seriously, she literally broke down to tears when i didn’t buy her that expensive handbag, using the you-don’t-love-me card. what was the special occasion? nothing, we just knew each other for over a month.

then comes the ‘my ex did this to me’, ‘my ex bought me expensive presents’, ‘my ex paid my rent’, ‘my ex gave me pocket money, i never had to worry about money’, ‘my ex bought me a car’. a freaking car. what the what? i couldn’t give her all that; i wasn’t born into a wealthy family. what did she tell me? FIND A JOB WITH A VERY HIGH SALARY, so she can take my money for her indulgence. oh, it’s also because she’s a lazy bastard who wanted to quit her job and turn me into an ATM. i told her if i get that higher paying job, the workload may be high and i wouldn’t be able to spend much time with her. SHE DIDN’T CARE, as long as she gets to spend my money. she said that with a smile.

sometimes she would ask me for money, and if at that time i was a little low on cash and couldn’t help her, yeah you guessed it right; she’d be upset, calls me useless, unreliable boyfriend, even threatening to break up. see how mental she is? i told her to be careful with her money, don’t spend money she didn’t have, so she wouldn’t be always short on cash. sound advice, right? NOPE, she was having none of that.

she demanded that i send her to work every day, disregarding the fact that my office is in Ampang and her office is in Shah Alam (if you’re familiar with shah alam, you’ll know traffic flow to KL is a bitch during the morning peak hour). i would be late to work every time i send her to work, but she didn’t care. my boss did though. my conscience did. i like to be early and on time, especially when it comes to work, because i’m being paid good money for my job, and because i have subordinates who i want to be a good example of an employee. she ruined that for me.

in the end she wanted me all for herself. i couldn’t hang out with my own friends, but i must, without fail, follow her to hang out with hers. when i had the chance to hang out with my friends, she wouldn’t want to join, but she will keep checking on me every 10 minutes, asking me what i was doing, with whom, when am i going home? i felt suffocated. i was not myself. a lady friend who bumped into my ex and i told me later i look stressed, not my usual cheery and smiling me. she saw the gloom in me.

well, all bad things must come to an end. we were not happy together; she was the one who was the more unhappy for the reasons stated above. she asked for a break up, and i happily obliged. that was the best decision i made.

i am now back to my old self. single, but not miserable; happy and smiling. the lady friend who saw the gloom in me was happy i broke up, because i was miserable. to quote her “haa, this is the anas i know 🙂 you got back that smiling face of yours”.

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  1. know what? nothing will happen if we’ll still repeat those people power because we’ll just waste our energy rallying, shouting, bumping w/ the policemen. do you think it will still give us a fruitful product? bear in mind that past is different from the present. everyone knows that our current president is very smart in cases like these. she knows what kind of lie she would tell, and of course she’ll never forget to pay big bills to people w/ big names in the government and in our society, just to join forces w/ her. wait her to put us under military law like what Marcos had done before and see what the Filipinos will do. but as i said before, she’s too smart and she’s not as stupid as people w/ airheads to put us under military law because she knows that she’ll be ousted. besides, people power will just put our lives near the fire. wanna get wet w/ water bombs by the police? people power right know is not practical because everyone knows that we got so much problems. rice shortage, oil price hike, electrical bills, and much, much, more. for short… no chance!!! Come on

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