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sabun di bilik mandi

have i been in relationships before? yes i have. how did it go? well, i’m here. being in a relationship with the wrong person will drain you, sapping the life out of you. i had the unfortunate luck of finding … Continue reading

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Enam Jahanam

Enam Jahanam. The Damned Six. they’re gone, stuck in a place where nobody will see or hear them. in time, all six will be forgotten, and no record of their existence will be kept. The Damned Six who tried to … Continue reading

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who are you, and what are you looking for?

oh hi. i see you frequenting this place a few times, consistently. what are you doing here? what are you looking for? did you find it? i doubt it.

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it’s back, and it’s staying here.

02 Julai 2012. Hai, ini adalah warkah terakhir aku untuk engkau. Tiga bulan 20 hari, sekejap saja bukan? Tetapi terasa lama kita kenal. Mungkin kerana banyak yang berlaku dalam masa tersebut, terlalu pantas kita menunggang arus perkenalan. Dalam masa tersebut … Continue reading

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Of Horoscopes and Sentaps

Horoscopes. They’re everywhere. Papers, Magazines, Internetz, Android App, iOS App, Blackberry App. You read them? I won’t say I’ve never read them, but suffice to say it would be the last thing I read. Maybe when I’m in the toilet … Continue reading

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moving on

so it has been a while since i wrote here. not much has happened, except that i have moved on. yes, no more of the same sorrow that’s been plaguing me for so long. a new beginning. found someone. too … Continue reading

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[title goes here]

Para. 1: [a brief introduction. share with your readers what happened over the weekend, how it made you feel. tell your readers how you feel now, and how that feeling is not similar to the former. yeah, yeah..she makes you … Continue reading

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I LOL-ed

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Ha, I knew it!

how long has it been? “sunyi sepi skng” = [insert your own interpretation] see, i told you this would happen.

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Dear You

Dear You, I’ve known you for a few years. I remember the first time I saw you, and I said to myself, “go say hi to her”. And I did, I said Hi to you at the parking lot. I … Continue reading

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