kick in the marbles

nice seats. pity nobody's ass was sitting on them.

shit happens.

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chilling, rolling, and bonding

yesterday was sunday.

went to Sungai Chilling (Kuala Kubu Bharu) with my housemates for some chilling, and bonding session. rolling? rolling…hm…rolling happily in the water, doing summersaults and everything you do at waterfalls.

the hike to the waterfall was tiring, but totally worth it. first, because the waterfall is B-E-A-uuutiful, and second, we saw hundreds of kelah eating bread crumbs fed by the visitors, us included.

i only managed to snap a few pictures because i only had my camera phone, and the battery was dying.



you will (most probably) die if you jump

the water is very cold. VERY.

Man Utd 1 - 2 Chelsea. dissappointing, but i'm cool with that.

most eligible never mind

now my body is aching. adoi. ye lah, dah lama tak bersukan, tiba – tiba pergi redah hutan hiking. urat sakit, otot pun sakit, lazat bukan?

p/s: this is a good way to forget about your team’s loss in the EPL the night before. GGMU!

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out with the old, in with the new. don’t throw away the old one.

last week, this happened to me.

the cracked bumper has been replaced with a new one. special thanks to Jed Wei for selling me his OEM bumper 🙂

off goes the cracked

in goes the replacement

what happened to the old bumper? well, knowing i wouldn’t get it fixed if i were to procrastinate, the bumper was promptly sent to Kayu Ara, Damansara for repair.


crack, front view

crack, rear view


the cracked bumper, completely restored to original condition

crack, what crack?

oh, this crack?

fixed crack. excellent workmanship by my standard

cost to repair the cracked bumper: RM280.00 (new coat of paint included. the color was specially mixed to match the original)

i’m very satisfied with the service, if you’d like to give this guy a shot, contact: Ah Kuan 016 606 3602 (Kayu Ara, Damansara).

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semalam aku ditimpa malang. malang yang tidak berbau.

kejadian berlaku semalam, 21022010, 1800hrs, semasa aku baru keluar dari rumah. kereta aku dilanggar betul – betul di hadapan guardhouse.

bumper koyak! wallet koyak!



kerosakan yang ada pada kereta aku, hanyalah kosmetik, bumper perlu ditukar. kecacatan pada cat juga agak minimal, hanya perlu polish untuk menghilangkan kesan calar.

pagi ini, panggilan dibuat kepada satu workshop untuk mencari bumper baru. syukur, ada hamba allah yang memakai kereta sama model dengan aku, warna pun sama. keretanya sudah tidak memakai bumper OEM, jadi aku akan membelinya. dia bersetuju untuk menjual.

esok, ambil cuti untuk pasang bumper baru.

kereta yang melanggar aku? tayarnya pecah, fender depan sebelah kanan remuk.

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osnabruck and bochum, plus one dating tip from 1938

dating tip from 1938


i spent one week in freezing germany, osnabruck and bochum to be exact. no, not a holiday, but a business trip involving factory visits and tests, because my company brought train buffer stops from RAWIE.

i left kuala lumpur international airport on 7th Feb 2010, 2359hrs, arriving in frankfurt 08 Feb 2010, 0715hrs after a 13 hour flight with some severe turbulences. at one point of the journey, i was jolted from my sleep by a massive plane jerking due to bad weather and turbulence. it was scary.

the first thing we did after landing at frankfurt was to go out and have a cigarette. yeah, bad habit.

out for a cigarette, frankfurt airport, germany

after satisfying our appetite for smoke, we took another flight with lufthansa to dusseldorf, where we’re supposed to meet our contractor.

dusseldorf train station

inter city express train to osnabruck

dortmund. we're still 30minutes away from osnabruck

osnabruck. did some factory acceptance test at rawie’s headquarters.

rawie headquarters and factory, osnabruck germany

kapten rahim, nik anas, and azizul

the buffer stops rapidkl/prasarana bought from rawie

apart from the customary factory visit, our friend from RAWIE, Mr. Torsten took us to see the R&D centre for maglev trains. maglev means “magnetic levitation”, i.e. the trains would not have any physical contact with the track it’s running on. instead, the train will “float” on the tracks using the principles of magnetism, you know how magnets of the same polarity will push away from each other? that’s the basis for the maglev train system.

the company doing the R&D on maglev train is thyssenkrup, a big steel manufacturing company in germany. herman kemper, the founder for thyssenkrup, started exploring magnetic levitation since 1938, way before the second world war. you can see that a lot of money has been poured into this idea, and the maglev train is not offered for public use yet, due to the high cost per kilometre, and since the R&D is still unfinished, the german authorities have not given any license for this to operate in germany.

but if you really want to get a ride on this maglev train, the only place that offers this for public use is shanghai, where the maglev train connects the city of shanghai and it’s airport.

the maglev train by thyssenkrup

inside the info centre

inside the maglev info centre

the maglev train R&D was not without accidents. in 2006, during InnoTrans (International Trade Fair for Transport Technology), a group of journalists were killed during a test ride on a maglev train accident. the accident occured at their test track, where the maglev train collided with a track inspection vehicle at high speed. the track inspection vehicle was on the same track as the test train.

a memorial was erected in memory of the victims.

maglev test train accident site, 2006

memorial for the victims

so that’s what we did in osnabruck. here are a few more pictures from the trip.

snow white landscape

the sun is seldomly seen during my one week in germany

we left osnabruck on thursday to go to bochum, to visit another factory, thyssenkrup. thyssenkrup manufactures turnouts, switches and crossings, and other track components.

on saturday morning, we left bochum to dusseldorf, and then to frankfurt, and finally back to kuala lumpur. arrived in kuala lumpur on sunday, the next two days is chinese new year holidays. good timing, i have two days to rest before coming back to work.

the weather in germany was subzero, so coming back to kuala lumpur is a relief for me. i mean, to experience winter is nice, but i’m more comfortable in malaysian weather.

in germany, i needed to wear multiple layers of clothing just to go out for a cigarette.


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